Summer all year round
Luxury Apartments at a great price

** Due to the great interest in the apartments, we accept reservations for a minimum of 5 days.

Why is it worth to rent
an apartment in Tenerife?

This is a place where the summer lasts a whole year, the temperature during the day varies from 23 to 31 degrees, in the south of the island where we have apartments during the year is 350 sunny days. Here is a guarantee of weather literally throughout the year.

If you want to start your adventure in Tenerife MAapartments.es, make a reservation on our website and we will make your holiday special.
Each apartment has a different character but all are modern and finished with attention to every detail. The new Garden Ratings complex will provide comfort and relaxation in one.

A large sunbathing area, luxurious sunbeds, a heated pool and a beautiful patio are just the beginning of a fantastic trip.

The ocean and nearby beaches are a few hundred meters from our apartments, check how charming are the coves with a huge amount of colorful fish and crystal clear water at Playa Paraiso in Adeje.

Hotel vs apartment

The difference between the apartment and the hotel is that in the apartment we are not forced to comply with all the rules as well as the breakfast hours. Here, we can feel at home, sleep long and cost everything when we feel like it.

Is renting
an apartment profitable?

Large supply and competition leads to lower prices for luxury apartments. With large groups or families, prices are much lower than in hotels, often at a much lower standard.

Often the basket per person is comparable to the hostel service. The kitchen in the apartment is not only a chance to save in relation to expensive restaurants, but also the luxury of making small snacks in the evening.

The choice of the apartment?

First, location and preferences, secondly the size of the apartment. We have apartments in Tenerife South, in Play Paraiso in the Assess Garden complex. We have apartments for up to 6 people, each with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room with a kitchenette and a large terrace.



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